How To: 8 Cool Things You Can Do with Rocks

8 Cool Things You Can Do with Rocks

Are your paper clips, pushpins, and other metallic objects always in a disarray on your work desk or drawer? To organize them more efficiently and in a visually cool way, paint over medium-sized rocks with magnetic paint and then use its magnetic surface to keep clips and other metallic items in place.

Rocks are pretty boring as they are, but with a little extra paint and other basic hardware supplies, rocks can be transformed into cool photo stands, bookends, paperweights, garden markers, and more.

Before using for your DIY project, be sure to give the rocks a good scrub with soap and water to remove dirt, dust, and bugs.

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We can also do the ancient Weather's Stone! You need a stone and a piece of string, tie the twine in stone and hangs on an external place, note that the stone indicates the current weather conditions: If the stone is dry, rainless indicates time, if it is hot, the sun indicates, if is wet, indicates rain, if are snow in the stone, indicates that it is snowing! Always watch what the Weather's Stone tells you not to be caught off guard, this observatory procedure is highly intuitive!

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