How To: 7 Double-Duty Kitchen Tools

7 Double-Duty Kitchen Tools

Contrary to what the infomercials may tell you, you don't have to own a gajillion kitchen gadgets and utensils to function properly in the kitchen when you're preparing a meal or dessert at home. To save money and space, get acquainted with the unexpected multiple functions that are possible with your everyday kitchen tools.

No rolling pin for your dough? No problem - just use a chilled wine bottle. Is that pizza cutter gathering dust in your drawer because you're too lazy to make your own pizza? Use it to cut up pancakes, sandwiches, dough and noodles.  

Below are seven double-duty kitchen tools to aid your next cooking adventure. 

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7 Double-Duty Kitchen Tools

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you can also use a heavy can in place of a mallet. I read a clever tip the other day about using a potato masher is a panini press - simply press down as you're grilling.

good ones! thanks for sharing

This is awesome.

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