How To: 7 Great Things Black Pepper Can Be Used for Besides Cooking

7 Great Things Black Pepper Can Be Used for Besides Cooking

Like table salt, black pepper has its unexpectedly handy uses that goes beyond seasoning your meals at the dining table. You can use black pepper to keep ants from invading your home, drive away bugs from eating your delicious garden vegetables, temporarily fix a radiator leak, and even stop bleeding on a minor wound.

Worried about your favorite graphic T-shirt fading in the laundry after multiple washes? Spice up your wash! The next time you're washing colored clothes, add a teaspoon of black pepper to the load, which will help keep the colors on the fabric bright.

Black pepper also has medicinal properties and can be added to your meals to relieve a sinus infection, and combined with tumeric and lemon juice in a homemade tea concoction to relieve sore muscles and body aches.

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