How To: 10 Extraordinary Uses for the Ordinary Lemon

10 Extraordinary Uses for the Ordinary Lemon

Seriously, what can a lemon not do? Other than being your go-to fruit for making lemonade, this versatile citrus can do some household cleanup, deodorize bad smells, alleviate sunburns, and much, much more. Read on and you will never look at a lemon the same way again.

And that's not all. Lemons can also help you make a battery, shine glass tabletops, relieve itchy mosquito bites, repel cats, heal acne, prevent blackheads, reduce and prevent wrinkles, and more!


Really first rate. Such a great way to consume how-to. makes me pay more attention than if it were a series of photographs. kudos

Yay Yumi! YOU are lemon fresh!

I like this... LOVE the last trick :)

I put neat lemon juice in my electric kettle bring to boil but turn off quickly and rinse with water It takes all the chalk deposits off.

that's a really good tip!

Nice tips thank..Never knew half of them..

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