How To: 13 Non-Edible Uses for Bread

13 Non-Edible Uses for Bread

The best thing since the creation of bread may just be... sliced bread. Soft bread slices have the perfect absorbent texture for picking up tiny pieces of broken glass, gently cleaning dust off your precious oil paintings, and even safely removing splinters from your finger when soaked with milk and taped to your skin with a bandage.

In the kitchen, bread is perfect for preventing grease fires, absorbing smelly odors, and reducing the burnt flavor of your overcooked rice. However many surprisingly practical non-edible uses bread has, keep in mind that stale bread also has quite a number of edible uses as well—like using them to make croutons, homemade bread crumbs, or bread pudding.

In a nutshell: bread is awesome. Got your own practical uses for bread, non-edible or otherwise? Share with us by commenting below!

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I also want to add- you can also add a slice of bread to a sealable bag of marshmallows to soften stale or hard marshmallows, and to a sealable bag of cookies if you want to soften up your crispy or hard cookies. Yay bread!

Absorb odours of veges? Can it be used to absorb the smell of the fish? (I don't like the fishy smell, especially tuna)

Good question! Here is a bread-y solution that may work for fish smells which I found on this Reader's Digest article:

There's nothing wrong with a kitchen smelling like food. But if a food odour becomes unpleasant, food chemists say the fast solution is to burn some toast. That's right: Burn a slice of bread in the toaster. That will absorb the lingering odor. Just make sure the bread doesn't catch fire. Of course, now you have a kitchen that smells like burned toast, but this odour at least won't linger long.

I use a slice or two of bread to keep baked cookies and other goodies fresh and to keep them from becoming stale. Just place the slice(s) down on the bottom of your cookie jar or tin, and then pile in all the cookies you have. When all of your cookies are gone, it's the bread that goes stale, not the tasty treats.

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