How To: Stop Ants from Invading Your Home with These Cheap and Safe DIY Methods

Stop Ants from Invading Your Home with These Cheap and Safe DIY Methods

Are ants invading your living space? Start peeling some raw onions. Or add a sprinkle of black pepper to your floor and countertops. Or make yourself some coffee and sprinkle the leftover coffee grounds in areas where ants have been spotted. Somewhere in your pantry shelf or refrigerator, you probably have at least one of the many possible ingredients for repelling ants that doesn't involve reaching for the toxic bug spray.

Like with any DIY bug or pest control, prevention is key. Keep your home and kitchen as clean as possible to make it less appealing for ants to troll around in. When you clean countertops and floor, spray the surface with dishwashing soap and water and wipe; ants are prone to avoid surfaces if there is a slight soapy residue on them.

Take note that results vary widely for all of these DIY methods, so if one method doesn't work for you, try another or a combination of different techniques to keep ants away from your home.

What DIY methods for ant control have worked best for you? Share with us by commenting below!

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This is so cool, I'm getting rid of the annoying ants for good!

Let us know what method worked best for you!

I had a couple of ants crawling around in the upper cupboards of my pantry shelf so for a day or two I completely emptied out the contents, wiped the surfaces clean with white vinegar and left a bowl of raw onion slices (I used half an onion) inside the cupboard closed all day and overnight. After that (and after ensuring that all the foods have been completely sealed shut and airtight), the ants haven't come back since!

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