How To: 9 Crafty Ways to Pimp Your Bike

9 Crafty Ways to Pimp Your Bike

If your bicycle's feeling a little dull these days, then give it some personality! Using the crafty ideas below, you can transform your two-wheeler in a unique work of mobile art that will have everyone jealous.

You can simply add some colorful postcards between the spokes of your wheels or, if you are up for a more labor-intensive project, can wrap your bike frame in EL wire or even crochet yourself a cushy one-of-a-kind bike seat. When you're rolling around town in your newly customized ride, just remember to wear your helmet—which you can also decorate!

Got your own cool tips for decorating your bike? Share with us in the tips below. (Click on image below to enlarge.)

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You should totally do it.. and take pictures if you do!

Completely cover every square inch of a bike with vintage costume jewelry as I have done. I call it BLING BIKE.

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