How To: 9 Nifty Ways to Use Washi Tape

9 Nifty Ways to Use Washi Tape

If the letters on your laptop keyboard are faded or dirty, cover them with strips of washi tape. A high-quality, decorative tape made of rice paper based in Japan, washi tape is an extremely versatile craft tape known for its eye-pleasing decorative patterns and low-adhesive quality that makes it easy to unstick, reposition, and reuse again and again.

So if you want to decorate your iPhone case or window blinds with washi tape but decide you don't like it or want to use a different color, you can always unstick the washi tape without it leaving a sticky mess.

Now found in most craft and stationary stores, washi tape can also be used to decorate your cable cords (without the blandness of regular electrical or duct tape), label party foods, spice up your boring gift wrap, and more.

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