How To: Turn an Old Hardback Book into an Awesome Kindle Cover

Turn an Old Hardback Book into an Awesome Kindle Cover

If you love the digital convenience of ebooks but miss the analog tangibility of physical books, then this DIY cover is for you. It will work with pretty much any Kindle, Nook, tablet, or e-reader, and only requires a hardcover book, an elastic band, and some simple craft supplies.

The hardest step is probably finding the perfect hardback book that's the right size and thickness for your specific device, as well as matches your personality best. You can find one in thrift stores, used bookstores, Amazon, or even your neglected bookshelf. Once you have a book in hand, putting the case together with cardboard, fabric, elastic straps, and thread is a relatively straightforward process.

If you want a more hollowed-out look and feel, check out this how-to for instructions. The only issue with a hollowed-out case/cover is that side and back buttons are harder to press, in which case this simpler version might be better for you.

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