More Than Just Ice: 20 Alternative Uses for Ice Cube Trays

20 Alternative Uses for Ice Cube Trays

If you have ice cube trays lying around in your refrigerator and chilling your drinks with ice cubes is not a huge priority for you, you can still make use of these handy kitchen tools in a number of useful ways, both edible and non-edible.

If you ever have leftover sauces, juices or drinks, you can use ice cube trays to freeze the excess ingredients and save for later use. Like: pesto sauce, lemon juice, egg whites, homemade baby food, soup stock and more. In addition to liquids, you can also chop up leftover fresh herbs, place them in the ice cube tray slots, pour olive oil over them and freeze them for later cooking use.

In the kitchen, ice cube trays are also perfect for making jello shots, mini-popsicles, and chocolate peanut butter cups.

For non-kitchen applications, ice cube trays are a great way to store all your tiny knickknacks, such as rings and earrings, tools, art supplies and other small office supplies.

Take note that even if chilling your drinks aren't a big deal for you, plain water ice cubes still have a number of many useful applications.

Got your own favorite alternative uses for ice cube trays? Share with us.

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