How To: 16 Cool and Unusual Uses for Ice Cubes

16 Cool and Unusual Uses for Ice Cubes

In addition to keeping your cold drink from turning lukewarm, ice cubes are also surprisingly useful for removing gum from your carpet, keeping your hollandaise sauce from curdling, skimming fat off your soup, and watering your hard-to-reach hanging plants.

Drinking some vile-tasting medicine? Numb your taste buds with ice cubes before swallowing. Need to clean a vase with a narrow neck? Place ice cubes, salt and lemon juice inside the container and shake vigorously to clean out the insides.

To make your homemade salad dressing as creamy as the store brand, simply place ingredients in a jar with a single ice cube, close lid and shake vigorously. Remove ice cube before serving.

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When I am eating hot soup, I usually put in a couple of ice cubes (because the soup is already water based) to cool it down much faster.

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