How To: Remove Gum from Your Hair, Shoes, Clothes, and Carpet

Remove Gum from Your Hair, Shoes, Clothes, and Carpet

While it is common knowledge that peanut butter can help ease chewed-up gum out of your hair, what happens if you don't have any peanut butter—or you have somehow gotten gum stuck on your shoes, clothes, or carpet?

If the stick of gum you've been chewing on somehow got transferred from your mouth into your hair, you can use vaseline, mayonnaise, egg whites, and even Coke to remedy the problem. For gum that has gotten stuck somewhere else, WD-40 spray, heated white vinegar, lemon juice, ice cubes, or a blow-dryer are one of several options you can choose from to unstick your sticky problem.

Especially with clothing or carpet, make sure to do a post-cleanup with laundry detergent, on-the-spot cleaners, or warm soap and water to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned out any additional stains or remaining gum bits.

Got your own experiences with removing gum from unwanted places? Share with us by commenting below.

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I can confirm the WD-40 tip. It's great.

None of these worked, the tips are terrible. Don't trust them. Just do the last tip like a dang normal person. Stop trying to create easier ways to do things that don't even work.

i had it stuck on a thick new sock of grand kid ---tried freezing and a few things-then threw it in the microwave and scraped it off with a butter knife!

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