How To: 9 DIY Tricks for Cleaning Your Car

9 DIY Tricks for Cleaning Your Car

9 DIY Tricks for Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning the interior and exterior of your car does not have to be an expensive business. All that's needed are a few common household items, which you can obtain from a drug or hardware store, or even right from your own kitchen and bathroom.

Easily remove dead bugs and grime off your windshield using a bottle of coke, wipe off bird droppings and sap from your roof using WD-40 spray, fix minor dings from rusting with nail polish, and remove coffee or vomit stains from your upholstery and carpet using vinegar or club soda.

Car smelling funky on the inside? Leave an open bag of charcoal inside the vehicle for a few days; charcoal is amazingly effective for naturally absorbing weird odors.

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I wouldn't advise using dish detergent for cleaning the exterior.While the detergent itself is not harmful to the clearcoat,it will ,over time remove any wax and an unprotected finish will degrade faster

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