How To: Make a DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Make a DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Add new life to your old light bulbs by transforming them into a DIY light bulb aquarium. Using needle-nose pliers, a screwdriver, and a small hammer, you can remove the copper connector and other inner components from the light bulb to create a clear opening from the stem to within the bulb.

Once you have removed all obstructions, you can use water, salt, and an old toothbrush to remove any inner coating to make the light bulb glass completely transparent. From there, you can add aquarium pebbles, other small ornaments and water to create a mini-underwater terrarium for marimo moss balls or properly treated water to hold small aquarium plants.

Take note that while it may be tempting to house a betta fish or goldfish in a light bulb aquarium, the light bulb is far too small for one fish and should only be used for one small underwater snail or 1 to 3 ghost shrimps.

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