How To: 9 More Common Household Items for Relieving a Sunburn

9 More Common Household Items for Relieving a Sunburn

Though summer is almost over, that doesn't mean you should ever be lax when it comes to protecting your skin from sun overexposure. However, should you find yourself with red and burning skin after a last-minute weekend trip to the beach, listed below are 9 simple and cheap home remedies for relieving symptoms of sunburn.

For a quick remedy, slice a potato and apply a cold slice directly onto your sunburnt skin. For a longer treatment that will also leave your entire body feeling good, stick uncooked oatmeal in a tube sock, tie the end, and soak the tube sock into a bath full of tepid water for a few minutes. Soak yourself in the bath full of oatmeal water for a full-body recovery.

Other common methods include cornstarch, witch hazel, and simply keeping yourself hydrated with water.

For more ways to relieve sunburn before summer is over, be sure to also check out my previous post, "9 Common Household Items for Relieving a Sunburn."

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