How To: 8 DIY Beauty Tips for Exterminating Zits

8 DIY Beauty Tips for Exterminating Zits

Acne medication can get expensive, but there are many common household items lying around your kitchen and bathroom that are perfect to use as a facial, face wash, or on-the-spot zit treatment to decrease the redness of acne and, more importantly, prevent future pimples from cropping up on your beautiful face.

Below are eight common kitchen and bathroom items you can use to calm blemishes, many of them au naturale so you aren't putting more chemicals into your body. For extremely potent items, such as garlic juice, be sure to do a spot test on your inner wrist in small amounts so you are 100 percent sure that your skin won't react badly.

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i've never heard of the egg trick... interesting. i wonder why?

maybe it's a not-often discussed solution because the person wearing might be tired of hearing from someone "there's egg on your face!" like it's the funniest thing in the world for the 100th time in 5 minutes.

Egg whites are rich in protein and help rebuild and heal your skin and also has a 'drying' effect on oilyness, i believe. i've done it a couple of times and it definitely feels good against your skin!

Awesome Post, cute drawing XD

Aspirins! Crummy but soothing.

Heard of that tip, too. Thank you!

Don't apply toothpaste or garlic on your face. And I mean it. DON'T DO IT! It will burn and dry out your skin, causing yourself way more troubles than you already have with acne. I used them both and got myself a face full of "cute" dry, sore and itchy patches. And they healed after a month....people used to call me scar face by that time. A honey, cinnamon and/or coffee mask might help. Or egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice , yolks, yogurt....or aspirin.

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