How To: 5 Simple Ways to Cure Stinky Breath

5 Simple Ways to Cure Stinky Breath

For general purposes, and in case of unexpected make-out sessions with that person you've been crushing on forever, it always helps to make sure that breath of yours is minty fresh as often as possible. And no, you don't need be yakking on breath mints 24/7 or swigging a bottle of mouthwash hidden under a paper bag. Below are 5 super easy DIY tips and tricks for curing bad breath and keeping it fresh.

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Great tips, especially #3. Thanks Yumi!

#2 is interesting... makes sense.

#5 = CAVEMAN! yeah!

Below mention are some more tips to cure bad breadth.
1) Brush and floss daily
2) Use mouthwash
3) Quit smoking
4) Cut down coffee
5) Drink water
6) Eat healthy
7) Scrape your tongue

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