How To: 9 Cool Tips for Sweating Less During the Summertime

9 Cool Tips for Sweating Less During the Summertime

Want to sweat less during the summertime? If you're already using antiperspirant sticks, apply them on your underarms the night before rather than the morning of. Antiperspirant works best when you're not already sweating like crazy, and by the time you take a shower in the morning, the antiperspirant will have already worked its way into your sweat ducts.

If you are concerned about using antiperspirant, you can also try applying witch hazel (which is also good for mosquito bites), drinking more tomato juice and sage tea, wearing loose-fitting clothing made of natural material, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Other techniques for sweating less are common sense health things you should already be doing anyway. Like, hydrating yourself regularly and staying in shape.

If none of these tips help you perspire less during the hot summer heat, make sure to check out my guide on DIY ways to remove sweat stains from clothes.

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