Chill Out & Get Enlightened: A Newbie's Guide to Meditation

A Newbie's Guide to Meditation

Want to increase your creativity, attention span, intuition, self-knowledge—maybe even your sense of oneness with the universe? Start meditating on a regular basis. In addition to improving your concentration, mental health, and capacity to handle stress, regular meditation practice has also been scientifically proven to have numerous physical benefits such as lowering your blood pressure, improving your immune system, and adding more life to your years.

Meditation does not require any formal training or trips to a monastery. All you need is a comfortable place to sit and about five minutes of your time. Close your eyes, settle into your inner silence and pay attention to the present moment. Repeat every day to truly feel the inner transformation take place.

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I've also made many more illustrated guides to meditation and mindfulness in a self-published comic zine I released in 2010. Check it out if you are interested!

Step 1. Ignore the painful leg position which is not necessary. Adopt a truly comfortable sitting position. Proceed.

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