How To: 13 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That You Can Stuff in a Jar

13 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That You Can Stuff in a Jar

If you happen to have a bunch of empty glass jars lying around your home, the gift-giving possibilities are endless.

Love to bake? You can bake pies, cupcakes, cakes, and bread directly into the jar. Or you can mix the dry ingredients in the jar and include recipe instructions so your recipient can bake the ingredients on his or her own time later. For a less time-intensive cooking kit, you can place s'more ingredients in a jar for a s'mores making kit, or a homemade cocoa mix for your recipient to make hot chocolate.

For non-edible gift ideas, jars are perfect for enclosing a sewing kit, a jar of inspirational quotes, a nostalgic time capsule, a terrarium, and for the kid or adult kid in your life, a jar full of homemade soap bubble solution for making giant bubbles.

Got your own jar-gift ideas? Share with us! (Click on image to enlarge.)

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I'm going to put homemade granola in big jars with a ribbon as gifts and the recipe attached. Granola from the store is so expensive and homemade is cheap and soooo much better! I like dried cherries and pecans in's the recipe:

4.5 cups rolled oats (not the quick kind)
3/4 cup each chopped walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc.
1/3 cup canola oil, 1/2 cup maple syrup, and 1/4 cup brown suger

put nuts in oven @ 350F for 10 min.

mis all else, then mix w/nuts, spread on baking sheets and bake 20-40 min., watch and turn with a spatula if edges and top are getting golden. Take out of oven, add dried fruit and mix, let cool. Store in Jars.

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