Decode Body Language, Part 2: Interpreting People's Moods & Intents

Interpreting People's Moods & Intents

You don't have to be a body language expert to know when a person is displeased or uninterested, even if the person is smiling and nodding at everything you're saying. Subtle clues like slight downward grimaces in the lips or hunched shoulders are immediate giveaways of a person's current mood or intent.

Other signs of discomfort? Excessive blinking, covering or rubbing eyes, and biting or sucking lips usually are telltale indicators of discomfort, anxiety, or stress. On the flip side of the coin, if you want to let the other person know that you're really into what the person is saying, you are probably laughing at his or her jokes and nodding in multiples of three.

For more tips on reading body language, check out my first part, How to Decode Body Language. Also, if you want to use body language to your advantage, check out my guides on how to fake confidence and upgrade your social skills.

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