How To: Decode Body Language

Decode Body Language

Your boss is pursing her lips and drumming her fingers on the table during your presentation. Your best friend is gazing downwards and crossing his arms when you ask him why the car you lent him for the weekend has a big dent. What could these body language signals all mean?

Brush up on Body Language 101 so you are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the perilous minefields of work, dating, family relationships, and more. Learn to know when a person is getting bored, feeling engaged in what you are saying, or fishing for a white lie. And finally, memorize the common body language principles that will help you appear likable and trustworthy when you are interacting with other people.

Got your own advice for cracking the body language code? Share with us in the comments below! And once you finish perfecting these tips, make sure to move on to lesson two.

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hmm.. i thought people looked down when they're trying to remember something and that actually looking up is trying to prepare a lie.. :-)

There are certainly exceptions to the rule depending on the individual, as with this one and other body language interpretations. I do tend to look up when I am trying to remember something...but then of course, liars who know this can manipulate this rule to their advantage by pretending to look up. :)

esta exelente pero miralo ahy esta aqui MIRALO!!! :

I learned in a class that you can gauge if someone genuinely likes you by looking at the size of the pupil of their eye. If the pupil is small they are disconnected and a larger pupil shows the person likes you and is connected...good (or bad) thing is you can't control your pupil even if you try ;)

I've heard about that, too. So fascinating! (Though honestly, I've never been able to observe the size of another person's pupil size closely enough to really tell the difference) :)

All of these "tells" which are usually quite accurate for us Neuro-typicals are quite the reverse for autistic folks. I know one who is a great example. He is a brilliant writer and artist. Honest to the core and interested in everything he can experience... AND he is always exhibiting these signs. Just be carful out there folks....

Good to know. Thank you for sharing.

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