How To: Fake Confidence

Fake Confidence

Do you feel like you need a confidence boost in social situations? Fake it 'til you make it—and in the meantime, try incorporating a couple of body language and posture tricks to appear confident before others. Appear verbally confident by speaking only when necessary, acting decisive, and make a point to say the other person's name.

Got your own tips for faking confidence and appearing confident before others? Share with us by commenting below!

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What's the purpose of noticing a persons eye color? Is it an exercise to keep eye contact for the right amount of time?

Yes! I should have explained it better, but I've read somewhere that it's good practice to make a point of looking into a person's eyes long enough for you to notice the person's eye color to really focus in on the person you are speaking to.

(Of course making eye contact for too long is creepy. So in moderation)

You know how could have used this? Me, in high school. I don't think i owned any shoes that weren't flip flops. Oh gosh, i am not good with social.

Haha. Well, rocking in flip flops and looking confident shouldn't be mutually exclusive! :)

some images in your posts cant be enlarged??

You can only click on the entire image to see a larger version--individual panels within the post can't be enlarged. And it looks that doesn't work on Chrome but should work on Safari / Firefox.

If you are giving a presentation or so, eye contact makes you feel shaky, i think

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