How To: 8 More Home Remedies for Relieving Common Cold Symptoms

8 More Home Remedies for Relieving Common Cold Symptoms

Is your throat feeling a little sore? Think you may be coming down with a cold? Mix together milk and a teaspoon of turmeric in a pot and heat until it's hot, then pour into a cup to drink. Heated milk and turmeric is a common Indian home remedy for colds, as turmeric contains many anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

If drinking milk and turmeric does not sound like your cup of tea, you can also drink a bowl of chicken soup, clearing your blocked nasal passageways with a neti pot, and elevating your head at night with an extra pillow to help clear your congestion.

For more cold-related help, check out my previous guide on home remedies for relieving common cold symptoms. If you want to lessen your chance of getting sick in the first place, check out my tips to avoid catching a cold.

Got your own favorite home remedies for relieving common cold and flu symptoms? Share with us!

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The remedy that I always use is this :

A bowl of soup (any kind) with LOTS of chopped garlic in it. But, you will need to do this at the very first symptoms of your cold (sneezing more than usual, first signs of a runny nose, etc)

Everytime I used this remedy, it "killed" my cold and I was fine the next morning :)

I assume it might not work for everyone, but hey, to each their own right ? So I thought I'd take the time to share with you all.

I've heard variations of that! Garlic is amazing.

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