How To: Your New Year's Eve Survival Guide

Your New Year's Eve Survival Guide

Going out on New Year's Eve is not for the faint of heart, especially if you live in a big city. Follow the New Year's Eve survival guide below to make sure you are prepared for worst-case scenarios that can range from losing your phone to figuring out how to quickly remove a vomit stain from your friend's new carpet.

Plan on drinking a lot tonight? Don't forget to eat a full meal before going out and, of course, to drink a lot of water. Don't plan on drinking tonight? Have a drink in hand to ward off obnoxious offers for alcoholic drinks and enjoy your clear-headed transition from this year to next.

Whether you plan on drinking or not drinking while going out, make sure you are prepared with local cab company numbers, Lyft and Uber apps installed, and public transportation schedules so that no matter what happens, you will have some safe way to get back home.

Plan on staying home and ringing in the new year from the comfort of your couch and in your pajamas? Considering the headache that comes with expensive event admission prices, minimal parking, and drunken belligerent strangers, being a homebody for New Year's Eve actually sounds pretty great.

Happy New Year!

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