How To: Use & Properly Maintain Your Precious Cast Iron Skillet

Use & Properly Maintain Your Precious Cast Iron Skillet

Want to sear the perfect restaurant-quality steak in the comforts of your own kitchen? Use a cast iron skillet.

Though cast iron skillets requires more care and maintenance than your run-of-the-mill frying pan, they can do so much more and last you for a lifetime.

Cast iron skillets are ideal heat conductors, which means that your food gets heated evenly and efficiently when cooking. Their durable material also means that they can withstand pretty much anything, so long as you give it proper care and attention after every cooking session.

Season your cast iron skillet with vegetable oil or if you're a bacon lover, some leftover bacon grease. Be sure to wash your cast iron skillet immediately after cooking and always store in a dry place after it is completely dry. And never, ever make the newbie mistake of soaking the cast iron skillet in water or running it through a dishwasher.

Got your own tips for maintaining and using cast iron skillets? Share with us!

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