How To: Get Rid of Lingering Food Smells in Your Kitchen

Get Rid of Lingering Food Smells in Your Kitchen

However much you love cooking fried fish for dinner, there's no need for your kitchen to smell fishy for days afterward. Keep your post-cooking funky kitchen smell to a minimum by boiling cloves in water, simmering lemon peels, oven roasting coffee beans, or leaving bowls of white vinegar on the kitchen counter overnight.

Want to make your kitchen smell like you just baked something delicious? Bake a small amount of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter on a cookie sheet for several hours at a low heat so that your kitchen smells less like leftover takeout and more like a house full of freshly baked cookies.

Don't forget to take preventive measures before cooking up your next meal. Make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated and if you're cooking fish again, try soaking your raw fish in milk first.

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