How To: 9 Weird Study Tips to Help You Excel in School & Life

9 Weird Study Tips to Help You Excel in School & Life

Chew on gum while you're reviewing study material, and then chew that same flavor on the day of the exam to help jog your memory. Or, if you're having difficulty understanding a concept, see if you can find that same concept explained on the internet in the form of a YouTube video or a visual infographic. Studying and memorization works best when you engage all of your senses instead of just one.

While you might think that studying for ridiculous amounts of time will help you ace your test, make sure to break up your studying time into smaller chunks using the pomodoro technique. Focus on one concept for 25 minutes using a kitchen timer, take a 3 to 4 minute break, and study again for another 25 minute chunk.

Don't forget to also sleep well and eat brain-boosting foods, like fish and nuts.

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