How To: 10 Fabulously Practical Uses for Scotch Tape

10 Fabulously Practical Uses for Scotch Tape

Scotch tape may not be as versatile as duct tape when it comes to mending things, but it still has a number of weirdly practical uses that goes beyond taping down wrapping paper and sealing envelopes.

Double-sided Scotch tape can be used to discourage cats from using your favorite furniture as their favorite scratching posts. You can wrap a wad of paper towel in Scotch tape sticky-side up to safely pick up tiny bits of broken glass from the floor after an accident. And if you are ever in dire need of a party trick for a kid's birthday party, you can push a pin into a balloon without popping it with the help of a single strip of Scotch tape on its surface.

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Place a piece of tape on a sticker or sales tag. Rubb on the tape. On the sticker while holding on to on end of tape. Then in a swift motion rip the tape of the may take 2 tries to get the sticker off.

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