How To: 12 Fabulous Uses for Duct Tape

12 Fabulous Uses for Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used for a variety of minor to major emergencies, from baby-proofing your power outlets to temporarily repairing the hole in your canoe. In a pinch, duct tape can serve as a handy band-aid, DIY clothesline and a not-too-shabby robot costume if you are in dire need of a last-minute Halloween costume.

Also, duct tape can make for some pretty amazing prom dresses. And if you are too old to go to prom, take note that duct tape has on more than one occasion helped astronauts in space.

Got your own fabulous uses for duct tape? Share with us by commenting below.

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How about make a boat out of duct tape like Adam and Jamie did in Mythbusters?

If any Wonderhowto users have any DIY duct-tape boat experiences they would like to share, that would really make my day.

Some are helpful and some are FUNNY! Cool article and nice drawings! :)

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