How To: 10 Clever Money Hacks to Help You Spend Less & Save More

10 Clever Money Hacks to Help You Spend Less & Save More

Are you tempted to splurge over your budget on an expensive restaurant meal or cool new jacket? Before you make an impulse purchase, imagine how much that indulgence costs in terms of hours of work based on your current salary.

If that doesn't deter you from going through with the purchase, pay in cash; studies show that people who pay things in cash rather than credit cards are far more likely to see their money as a limited scarcity as opposed to an abstract, endless supply.

You can also turn saving money into something that's actually fun using money gamification apps such as SaveUp or SmartyPig. For super-easy ways to save money, you can also negotiate a better deal with your service providers, use cheap household products (like baking soda, olive oil, and white vinegar) for nearly all of your home cleaning uses, and simply make more coffee at home as opposed to going to a Starbucks every single day.

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