How To: 10 Broken or Worn Out Things That Can Be Made into Something Useful

10 Broken or Worn Out Things That Can Be Made into Something Useful

Despite the tremendous increase in recycling programs across the states, 136 million tons of municipal solid waste still ends up in landfills. So, the next time you throw away something, conjure up your DIY spirit and ask that trash, "Are you really trash, or just the beginning of my next ingenious project?"

If your favorite umbrella gets broken beyond repair, salvage its waterproof fabric and turn it into a cute tote bag, a backpack honcho, or a mini-raincoat for your toy poodle. Same with turning broken pencils into stuck zipper fixers, worn-out books into e-book reader cases, or chairs with missing legs into a handy floating shelf or bathroom towel rack.

A broken item doesn't automatically mean a trip to the dumpster, and a broken mirror doesn't mean seven years of bad luck. Salvage the broken pieces to transform the surface of your dull picture frame into a beautiful mosaic pattern.

Got your own tricks for turning broken things into cool and useful things? Share with us!

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