How To: Your Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Put Together on Christmas Eve

Your Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Put Together on Christmas Eve

So it is Christmas Eve and you are just getting started on your Christmas gift shopping. Thankfully, even for the last-minute Christmas gift shopper, you have a good variety of options to choose from within driving distance or on the internet without worrying about shipping costs or waiting in ridiculously long lines at the mall.

Have you checked out your local drugstore lately? Certainly, there must be at least one relative or friend who secretly covets a Snuggie or some other "As Seen on TV" novelty product. Or some nice bath and beauty products that are perfect for the dry winter season. That, and you can't forget the plethora of crowd-pleasing gift card options that are available these days at any chain drugstore or supermarket.

Your grocery store and local chain coffee shop are also perfect for last-minute holiday mugs, Christmas cookies, gourmet tea leaves, and, of course, holiday liqueur.

Last but not least, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying all of your gifts online in the form of an online gift certificate that can be printed out or emailed directly to your recipient. Chances are, your wonderful loved ones you are buying gifts for on the day before Christmas are probably doing the same thing, too.

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