How To: Speedy Spaghetti, Faux Pho, & Other Ingenious Instant Ramen Hacks

Speedy Spaghetti, Faux Pho, & Other Ingenious Instant Ramen Hacks

Instant ramen noodles are hardly gourmet dining, but with a little extra time, effort, and ingredients, this humble staple of college dormitory dining can be elevated at least a little bit to resemble a more hearty and appetizing meal.

Spaghetti sauce and a few extra ingredients are all you need to transform instant ramen into instant spaghetti. If you have a fully equipped kitchen, take advantage of your cast iron skillet or gratin dish to make instant ramen shepherd's pie or instant ramen mac and cheese.

Sometimes elevating a cheap bowl of instant ramen into something more nuanced and flavorful is a matter of adding extra ingredients that you would normally put in a bowl of pho: like cilantro, bean sprouts, lime juice, meat, and fish sauce.

To turn instant noodles into an instant snack, simply smash the instant noodles with the seasoning packet without cooking them, add other extra ingredients if desired, and eat as is.

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