Small Talk 101: How to Have Less Awkward Conversations with Strangers

How to Have Less Awkward Conversations with Strangers

If you are like most people, going to a party or mixer full of complete strangers probably does not sound like your idea of a fun night.

But if you arrive at the event armed with an open attitude and a few interesting anecdotes about yourself, you may be surprised by how pleasant it can be to genuinely connect with a complete stranger. It could lead to an engaging conversation or even something more—a new friendship, work connection, or potential romantic partner.

Come prepared with an arsenal of interesting responses to common questions, such as what you like to do in your free time, or details of an interesting project you have been working on. In addition to interesting responses to common questions, also be prepared to open-ended, neutral questions that can't be answered with a yes or a no.

Look for mutual interests and connections while making small talk and don't forget to reveal some personal details about yourself so the conversation doesn't feel like an interrogation to them.

If you find yourself in the worst-case scenario of being trapped in a boring or dull conversation that simply isn't going anywhere, exit graciously with the perfect excuse of needing to get another drink or wanting to speak to a fellow guest who is about to leave.

Got your own tips for mastering the art of small talk? Share with us!

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