How To: Make New Friends After College (And Revive Your Social Life)

Make New Friends After College (And Revive Your Social Life)

Are you a post-college grad trying to make new friends in the real world and having a hard time? Though it may feel like it, you are definitely not alone.

Thankfully in this internet age, you have more digital and real-life opportunities than ever before to seek out like-minded people who live in your neck of the woods and share your similar interests, hobbies, and niche music tastes.

Check out online meet-ups like or your local city meetup. While Facebook gets a bad rap for being a digital time-waster, every so often it is also extremely useful for finding out old contacts or long-lost high school friends who may happen to be living in the same city as you are.

Digital tools asides, you also can't go wrong with checking out local community classes, becoming a regular at your favorite neighborhood hangout, and simply being proactive when acquaintances or coworkers invite you to their social gatherings.

Got your own tips for making new friends after college? Share with us!

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