How To: Remove Pet Hair from Anything—Anywhere

Remove Pet Hair from Anything—Anywhere

Need to quickly remove cat or dog hair from your living room couch before guests arrive?

For a simple and effective technique, cover your hand with a damp rubber dishwashing glove and run your hand over the upholstery surface. The rubber glove should pick up the furs, and if you want to reuse the glove, simply rinse it off (just make sure to use a sink strainer to catch the hairs).

To remove pet hair from carpet, gently scrape the surface with a pumice stone and vacuum over areas at least twice in alternate directions. As a preventive measure, don't forget to also regularly brush your pet several times a week.

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have you got any specific trick for english bull-terrier hair ? they are so hard it's like needles, they jab into cloth and because of their structure they are very dificult to extract

I unfortunately do not have experience with that! Other readers, any tips?

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