How To: Make Your Own Summer Slurpee at Home

Make Your Own Summer Slurpee at Home

On days when it's too hot to even drive to the convenience store in an air-conditioned car to get an iced Slurpee, it's better to stay indoors and make your own summer Slurpee at home.

All you need are a packet of Kool-Aid, club soda, sugar, and crushed ice cubes. Simply mix them all together in a blender until the desired consistency has been reached.

For variations, you can replace club soda with Sprite or 7-Up, or replace Kool-Aid with a can of Coke. For the health-conscious who want the refreshing sensation of drinking an iced drink without the inevitable sugar crash that comes from super-sugary drinks, you can make a healthier version of a Slurpee using watermelon, Stevia, and sprigs of mint.

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