How To: 8 Non-Drinkable Uses for Kool-Aid

8 Non-Drinkable Uses for Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid, the flavored mix powder, commonly used to make sugary and fruity cold drinks in the summertime, is also unexpectedly useful around the home to clean your rusty dishwasher, remove rust stains from concrete, and check to see if your toilet tank is leaking.

For arts and crafts, Kool-Aid powder can be used to make DIY watercolor paints and kid-friendly clay. For an edible but non-drinkable use, Kool-Aid powder can also be used to color and flavor cupcake frosting and gelatin dessert toppings.

You can also whip up your own DIY Kool-Aid flavored lip gloss, which you can store in an empty film canister. Kool-Aid also makes for a great non-permanent hair dye if you have light-colored hair. OH, YEAH!

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