How To: Make an Easy No-Sew Pet Bed for Your Cat or Dog

Make an Easy No-Sew Pet Bed for Your Cat or Dog

Want to treat your furry best friend to a new pet bed? All you need are two identical pieces of fleece, batting, and a pair of fabric scissors. The best part is that there is zero sewing involved.

Simply measure out two identical rectangular pieces of fleece (the size depends on how big you want the pillow to be and how big your pet is), cut out a five inch section from each corner of the fleece, and cut the sides of the fleece fabric into five-inch-long strips of fringe at one inch intervals.

Once the fringe is cut on all four sides of each fleece fabric piece, place the two rectangular pieces of fleece together (make sure the outer fabric is facing the outside) and connect them by tying the respective fringe pieces into double-knots on all three sides.

For further instructions with accompanying images, read below. Click on image to enlarge.

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