Homemade Dog Treats: 3 Easy Recipes You Can Make for Your Pooch

3 Easy Recipes You Can Make for Your Pooch

Want to mix up the flavor profile of the food you are feeding your dog? Show your pooch some extra love with homemade dog treats recipes that are healthy, organic, and do not use any weird, overly processed chemicals in the ingredients.

For a no-bake doggie treats recipe, you can mix together peanut butter, canned pumpkin, honey, and other ingredients into a bowl, make golf-ball-sized balls out of the concoction, and wait for the sticky balls to harden into treats.

For recipes that require a little baking, you can make dog food out of baby food and wheat flour, or minty dog treats out of mint, parsley, and buckwheat flour to fix bad dog breath.

Want your dog to enjoy some of the finer things in life? See what people foods you dog can eat for a healthy diet. And of course, as a good pet owner you should also be aware of foods you should never, ever feed your dog.

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