How To: 12 People Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating for a Healthy Diet

12 People Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating for a Healthy Diet

Want to boost your dog's immune system and skin health? Add some extra flavor to your dog's food bowl with a few pieces of cooked salmon, deboned and unseasoned, which is an excellent source of fatty omega-3 acids.

As dogs are omnivores just like humans, dogs are capable of eating some human foods which are just as beneficial for them as it is for their human counterparts. Like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, cooked rice, and flaxseeds.

Depending on what they are eating, these food items can help with your dog's energy level, skin and coat health, eye vision, digestive problems, weight maintenance, and more.

Keep in mind that these extra people foods added to your dog's daily diet should make up no more than 25% of its regular diet, and every new food item should be introduced one at a time in small quantities to make sure that particular food item doesn't give your dog an upset stomach.

Also, when you're feeding your dog non-dog food, you should always keep in mind the food items you should never feed your dog.

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