How To: 9 Things Super Successful People Do That You Should Too

9 Things Super Successful People Do That You Should Too

Want to live your life like most high-achieving, successful people? First things first—set your morning alarm clock to at least 5 a.m. and don't be tempted to hit the snooze button.

Studies and interviews have shown that many high-functioning CEOs wake up between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. on weekday mornings, and they also get a workout session done before they head to work.

Other important habits: meditate regularly, keep a short to-do list, say no to unimportant engagements, and don't be afraid to isolate yourself from time to time to get a lot of deep-focused thinking and brainstorming done.

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Well, imho the most important thing is missing here: this will work only if you can identify yourself with the job you have.

this excludes about 90 percent of ppl I think :/

I think a lot of these can also be applied to your life outside of whatever current job title you have (especially waking up early, exercising, meditating, saying 'no' to engagements if you have the option to say 'no'). I imagine them working well for students, people who don't like their day jobs but have cool side projects, etc.

It seems to be good ideas, not sure if it is reasonable yet.
I will try somethings, but anyway, to be super success people I don´t know yet if is synonyms of a good person.

To be a good person in my point-of-view is mandatory for everyone and say 'no' to almost everything I still don´t know if is good, let me try.

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