How To: 9 Super-Practical Uses for the Humble Safety Pin

9 Super-Practical Uses for the Humble Safety Pin

Originally invented by American mechanic Walter Hunt in 1849, the humble safety pin was first called a "dress pin." It was intended to solve the problem of bent pins and wounded fingers, but that's not all it's good for.

It's also an excellent device for warding off static cling, making it harder for pickpockets to steal your wallet, pointing your way north in the middle of the woods and fixing your broken zipper tab.

If you have difficulty zipping up a zipper on the back of your dress or simply don't have anyone around to help you, clasp a safety pin onto a zipper tab and attach a long piece of string to the safety pin. Bring the other end of the string over your shoulder and pull upwards to zip up your back zipper.

Safety pins are also great as emergency fish hooks, makeshift clothespins and making sure your pair of socks or gloves never gets separated again.

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MacGyver did the first one backwards w/ a paperclip

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