How To: 9 Poppin' Uses for Bubble Wrap

9 Poppin' Uses for Bubble Wrap

If you're like me, you have a secret dream of living in a house completely covered wall-to-wall and carpet-to-carpet in bubble wrap. Until you have enough of that pliable transparent plastic with air-filled bubbles, there are some truly practical things you can do with the little you do have—besides packing fragile objects.

Bubble wrap is great for protecting your outdoor container plants in the winter, insulating your windows, keeping your hot lunch warm, and making sure your carton of ice cream doesn't melt on the trip home from the supermarket.

If you love the popping sound, turn some bubble wrap into a security system by making a primitive burglar alarm. Simply place un-popped bubble wrap underneath the rug or a mat by the door so that you're instantly alerted to an intruder or someone sneaking a peek into your medicine cabinet.

If you hate sleeping on rough terrain during camping trips, place a long roll of wide bubble wrap underneath your sleeping bag for a comfier good night's sleep.

Got your own clever uses for bubble wrap? Share with us!

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