How To: 9 Cheap Shaving Cream & DIY Toothpaste Alternatives

9 Cheap Shaving Cream & DIY Toothpaste Alternatives

Let's face it: most commercial bathroom products are overpriced and loaded with weird chemicals. So how about a 2012 resolution to go completely DIY with two bathroom essentials many of us use on a daily basis: toothpaste and shaving cream? 

Going DIY with shaving cream is ridiculously easy. Basically, most common household products (that are non-toxic to your skin, of course) that have a similar consistency to shaving cream or lather like soap will work splendidly as shaving cream alternatives. If you want to go completely natural when it comes to the substances you slather on your face, many oils (apricot oils, olive oil, almond oil) and shea butter are eco-friendly and work great. Experiment to see which ones you like the best. 

If you are wary of the usage of fluoride in commercial toothpastes, go au naturale by assembling your own homemade toothpaste. All of your ingredients can probably be found in one trip to your local drug store, and the finished product can be easily stored in a small airtight jar. 

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9 Cheap Shaving Cream & DIY Toothpaste Alternatives

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When I'm out hiking or camping, I usually don't even bring toothpaste with me. I just go hunt for some sage, then rub about four or so of the freshly plucked leaves on my teeth and gums. Black sage is easily identifiable and abundant in California, so that's usually what I look out for.

Very cool tip. Thanks, Justin!

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