How To: 6 Meals You Can Cook in the Microwave

6 Meals You Can Cook in the Microwave

Whether you live in the dorms with no access to a kitchen or simply too lazy to cook on a stovetop, you can "cook" up some amazing meals on a microwave that aren't bags of buttered popcorn or frozen burritos.

With a little prep work and some seasonings, you can cook salmon, ratatouille, macaroni and cheese, meat loaf and other full meals on the microwave.

If you are more of a breakfast person, you can also whip up single-serving pancakes and poached eggs very easily in the microwave.

Full meals asides, you can also use the microwave as a kitchen aid to melt chocolate, dry herbs, cook jam, toast nuts and more.

Don't forget that for dessert, you can also make brownies in a mug. And if you are not hungry at all, you can also use the microwave for plenty of other non-edible and useful applications, such as sterilizing your kitchen sponge and heating up a homemade heating pad.

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