How To: Make Brownies in a Mug

Make Brownies in a Mug

For the next time you have a severe chocolate craving but a) don't want to go through the trouble of going through an elaborate recipe and b) don't want to go through the trouble of going to the supermarket, make yourself a microwave brownie in a mug. All you need to do is six very simple ingredients plus water, mix them up in a microwave-safe mug, nuke everything for one minute, and enjoy.

Be warned--a brownie in a mug is a pretty generous portion for one serving, so consider sharing it with another person or simply halving the ingredients listed below and shortening the cooking time. Though, if you do end up eating the whole thing yourself, it is perfectly understandable. Nom nom!

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That is so awesome I have to try this!

My kids LOVE brownies...and this looks simple - will definitely try it!!!

tht's a great idea

Love it! Wish these weren't so hard to read, but I do like that I can click to enlarge and print... I printed this one out and stuck it to my fridge.

yum! I'm definitely going to try this.

I just tried it- awesome, it tastes just like a brownie, but in a cup. I felt like I was drinking coffee (which I never do). Just be sure to add the dash of salt first in the cup (I didn't) so if you add more than you need, you can take some out if you need to. I used a little more than a dash... about 1/4 teaspoon. Still tasted fine though. Great recipe!!!

perfect impromptu dessert... i'm definitely going to try. Thanks for testing it, Cerek.

i just did them and they dont bake very well :(

oh, no! what was the problem?

Made this one night, using raspberry hot chocolate mix instead of baking cocoa. It turned out amazing, but I found out the hard way that sometimes adding ground nuts leads to a big mess and a gritty brownie. : (

When I made them the next day, I'd used ground almonds in it, without thinking about the increased oil from them. The cake just wouldn't stay solid enough.

Thanks for sharing the results of your experiment! Rapsberry hot chocolate mix sounds super yummy.

THIS WAS YUM!.. I have tried a few different brownie in a cup recipes and this was by far the best!

That is so great to hear! Yay!

I've tried multiple different recipes for brownies in a mug, but I always come back to this one. It is so amazing, will always be my favorite. :)

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