How To: 27 Essential Items You Should Always Have Inside Your Car

27 Essential Items You Should Always Have Inside Your Car

Besides your car insurance information and a spare tire, what are some other essential items you should always keep inside your vehicle?

For emergency car repairs, duct tape and WD-40 spray can come in handy for a number of DIY fixes, such as covering a broken window or headlight, or fixing minor surface scratches. You should also have jumper cables in case your car batteries die, an owner's manual for your car model, Fix-A-Flat to fix a flat tire for just long enough for you to seek help, and a tire pressure gauge to make sure you are maintaining proper tire pressure for your car.

Read below for more essential items you should have in your car in case of a minor medical emergency, natural disaster, or for snowy winter weather.

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Can we have this in a list format, rather than the hard to read illustration format? Thanks.

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