How To: 15 Life Hacks for Your Next Big Move

15 Life Hacks for Your Next Big Move

To decrease the possibility of breaking your glass dinner plates while moving into a new home, stack them vertically inside a box like vinyl records instead of horizontally like a stack of pancakes.

If you're an office supplies nerd, here's the perfect excuse to buy different-colored rolls of tape: Color-code your boxes by the room that they belong in so when you start unpacking, you can save yourself a lot of time by unloading the boxes to their respective rooms before opening them.

Other tips for making your moving process a breeze? Get moving boxes for free on Craigslist. Label all your wires and take pictures before unplugging your electronic appliances. Use a bread tab to mark the end of clear packing tape so you aren't always searching for the cut-off end.

Last but not least? Asking your friends to help you move is a great way to save money. Just make sure everything is all packed up into their respective boxes and ready to move once your friends arrive to help you out.

Got your own tips and tricks for an efficient move? Share with us!

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